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pokemon lovers unite
reporting :icontribaltriplen:
sorry for a very long delays but ive been really busy these days and some administrators arent checking on the club daily  i need someone who can take over the club quiet well if you think you can please ask me on this account :icotribaltriplen: TribalTripleN
if i cant keep up with the club im afraid ill have to close it

there will be no anti-stuffs nor hentai,yaoi, or any sexual thingy

Founder of the club:


:damphyr:  :iconchrisstiger: - :iconluigirocks84: - :icondoombiskit: - :iconjweiss1234: - :iconpyong-master: :iconmonikutea: -  :iconnenilein: - :iconmayadragon: - :iconraptoid: - :iconlatias2: - :iconmidna-fan15: - :iconmatttrainer11: - :iconeiat10s: -:iconimasta: - :iconmacswake: - :iconpiratingwerewolf: - :icondragonrider-ofda: - :iconkoyolein: - :iconcheritypie: - :iconxam-the-pichu: - :icondragonmaster754: - :iconihatebigwords: - :iconauravulpix: - :iconlatias--lover: - :iconalexoh654: :iconzreddog: :iconmagawolf:  :iconyellercrakka: :iconangelclown: :iconsesshylover15: :damphyr:
:new: :iconzreddog: :iconmagawolf:  :iconyellercrakka: :iconangelclown: :iconsesshylover15: :new:

If you want to join send a note to the club or post it as a comment in the user lookup page :D, ahh and plz watch the club for updates :D
looking forward to newer members
so far the club is growing great ^^
if you want to send some fan arts pls do note "submit"and its link to the club if the club wont reply pls note it to :iconpyong-master: or :icontribaltriplen:  
:wave: bye for now ;)


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pixiepot Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2010  Student General Artist
hey u lot haven't logged on for nearly 2 yrs!
pixiepot Featured By Owner May 30, 2010  Student General Artist
Please please can I join,I'm even better at Pokemon now!
I've got SoulSilver and FireRed and Platinum, collect figurines, watch it on TV AND I collect Pokemon World Magazines. In my opinion, I am the No.1 Pokemon Fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pixiepot Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2009  Student General Artist
PLease can I join, I've got the new Platinum game, I colllect Pokemon Word magazines, i've been watching it since, well, ever and I'm always on pokemon sites. I AM THE POKEMON NO.1 FAN!
LiVivIrian Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2009
Can I join??!?!?
I love Pokemon i've been watching since well 3 months
yqrlwlrzuw Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2008
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